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Welcome to the My Market Toolkit Support Center. Our goal is to help you accomplish what you need as quickly as possible. Please find your article in a category at the left. If you don't find what you are looking for, your best option is to contact our support team via free email options. They'll point you to the right help.

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Technical Support and Professional Services

We provide great professional services, customer service, and technical support. Please note that there are differences between the three:

  • Professional Services - our professional services team can help you deploy your project. We have talented pros who are ready to take your order. Contact professional services for deployment questions, including:
    • Email implementation
    • Web site implementation and questions about HTML, templates, etc.
    • Ecommerce implemenation
    • Print jobs
    • Etc.
  • Customer Service - If you have an account or billing question we will resolve it as promptly as possible.
  • Technical Support - Contact technical support for questions about the My Market Toolkit system and training on how to use the system. If online documentation or free email support isn't enough, we offer paid support plans for one-on-one interactions.

Professional Services

Please contact our professional service team for marketing campaign projects.

Customer Service

Please create a customer service ticket for billing and account issues. Click here to open a ticket.


Training Options

We use online meeting software to train you and your team on software features and options. Training is billed at $100/hour by 15 minute increments.

Often, if you ask our professional services team to deploy your website or email project, you will receive an allotment of free training. It will be spelled out in your Statement Of Work.

Contact us to schedule a training session.